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          • 2012

            Hubei W-olf photoelectric Co., Ltd was established and registered in Jingzhou, Hubei province.

          • 2014

            Jingzhou W-olf photoelectric science and technology industrial park was started construction in 2014 and the 1st workshop commenced production as the end of the year.

          • 2015

            Suzhou W-OLF Photoelectric Material Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company, was established. Dual camera IRCF was in mass production.

          • 2016

            In 2016, Hubei W-olf photoelectric Co., Ltd got High-tech certification.

          • 2017

            In 2017, Conducted shareholding system reformation and was renamed Hubei W-olf photoelectric Co., Ltd.

            With the introduction of institutional investors, the registered capital increased to 151.2 million yuan.

            Suzhou Subsidiary Company Passes the Certification of High-tech Enterprises